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Copyright 2010 Unico Hair

Here at Unico Hair our philosophy
is to create a product that is near enough to natural as possible,
being completely chemical free
and not harmful to hair.
Furthermore, we emphasise that all our products are good for the environment and made in Australia.

With over 20 years experience with hair, the Unico Hair range's designers know what it is that makes a good hair care product, whether it be your typical day to day maintenance shampoo, or your specialised product designed to deal with specific hair problems. All our products have been perfected and are guaranteed to bring successful results since our staff can also provide precise instructions and determine which product would benefit the individual.

These products are used and loved by our staff members as they also feel good to use, leave your hands soft and the beautiful smell lingers for hours afterwards.

For more information on our products or a list of our stockists
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Some of the product range includes:

Maintenance Shampoo & Maintenance Conditioner

These products are so versatile they can be intermixed with any of the shampoos or conditioners in the Unico Hair range. It is gentle enough to use daily without being too rich in moisture.

Volumising Shampoo & Volumising Conditioner

Formulated to add body to hair that lacks volume - specifically fine, limp and lifeless hair. This shampoo is great also for scalps that have an active sebaceous gland (ie. oily scalps). Ideal clarifier shampoo to remove chlorine and product residue.

Sensitive Shampoo & Sensitive Conditioner

Formulated to treat sensitive scalps, specifically flaky, itchy or irritable scalps. This unique formula is designed to treat sensitive scalps and calm them without stripping. It is beneficial to also use on very dry, coarse hair that is dehydrated from lack of moisture.

Intensive Shampoo & Intensive Conditioner

Great for hair that has been chemically treated. Particularly good with straight hair and also works well with grey providing it is not too coarse. With an added UV protection it helps protect the hair from fading, ensuring colours remain bright and vibrant.

Protein Treatment

The ultimate hair treatment for chemically damaged hair suffering from lack of moisture and shine. This unique treatment intensely moisturises, strengthens and rebuilds hair.

Hair Serum

Designed to seal in moisture to split ends, adding shine and gloss (most effective when used before and after hair drying).

Leave In Conditioner Spray

Ideal for those who lead busy lives, designed to add shine and protect hair with the convenience of not having to rinse.